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The 7 Best Online Resources for T-Shirts and T-Shirt design

I often get asked by those starting out in this industry what are some of the best information resources on the Internet for tee-shirts, especially for t-shirt design and printing. With that in mind I thought I'd share some of my all time top t-shirt sites below with you.

I've tried to attack this from a few different angles, so here goes, in no particular order:

1. The Shirtlist

The Shirt List finds and promotes the coolest graphic, pop culture t-shirts on the internet.  Always a great, up to date collection of some of the greatest and most stunning designs out there.  Here you can also find some pretty interesting blog content.  They've managed to interview some of the top t-shirt designers out there, and if you take the time to read their detailed interviews, they are really quite insightful.  They also have some interesting interviews with leading business owners too.  Very good for those thinking of starting up, or just interested in the t-shirt industry in general.  All this along with a good section of deals and voucher codes for some of the better websites around mean this is a pretty good place to start on your journey into more knowledge of the more graphical side of t-shirt design. 

The Shirtlist tshirt design blog and deals

Keep your eye on the time-limited tees section, as some pretty awesome designs have been seen here from time to time and the list is kept fresh.. As I say, most of the focus is on the more graphical side, rather than slogans with a real emphasis on Pop Culture and Mashups. If you don't find something that you like in this list, then you are REALLY hard to please - FACT!

2. TeeHunter

This site is an absolute powerhouse for those interested in printed tshirts.  Artists seeking to promote their t-shirts on more than just their store are submitting them on TeeHunter. The community can then love it, or buy it from the artists store. The best t-shirts are always featured on the front page of TeeHunter.  Some interesting competitions here too, also loads of money off coupons and offers for a great range of different tshirt webstores

Teehunter Tee-Shirts

There's a massive range of different brands on the site, with designs from pretty much across the board here.  I particularly like their well presented and organized collections section, this is one of the best collections of designs I've seen.  The blog section is where Teehunter really takes off, these guys do not mess about!  So many great blog posts on here, far too many to list and new entries pretty much uploaded every day.  You really can keep checking back to this site DAILY.


TShirtonomy is the home of the biggest and best t-shirt lists, awesome t-shirt reviews, the popular monthly best of Red Bubble compilations, and featuring the best tee shirt designers in the world.

Tshirtonomy - reviews, blog and t shirt lists

As it says above really, this site is all about lists.  Part of the Teehunter umbrella, this site is just superb for discovering new designs based on any interests you might have.  Not updated quite so often, but check back here every week or two for something new.  I personally love this site for it's unbiased reviews and interviews.  The author(s) of the blogs here are so coherent and easy to read.  Also the site is always well presented and organised.  An absolute pleasure to browse and absorb the masses of juicy info and design ideas that exist here.

4. Compe-tee-tion

This site tracks all the biggest news in the t-shirt design competition world, from reviews of new releases to information on new contest opportunities. A really interesting site, which collates information about all major competitions occurring plus loads of industry info.  Again, these guys really hit the content hard, you can keep coming back to the site and always finding interesting new stuff going on.

Compe-tee-tion online list of tshirt competitions


5. TeeSpy

One for the designers this.  Spy on the competition using this awesome service.

teespy tshirt industry intelligence

You can use the system in many different ways. Check it out!

6. Affinity

For too long, the design industry has been dominated by the software giants that are Adobe. Over the years, affordable or even free alternatives (GIMP for example) to the likes of Illustrator and Photoshop have come and gone and never quite cut the mustard.  Until Now.  Affinity is, in a word, awesome.  Our designers here at Shirtbox have tried and tested this relative newcomer and we really like it!  Compared to fairly extortionate pricing from others (often in the form of hefty subscriptions), the one off standard price of £48.99 for each version (correct as of Aug 2017) seems like a very reasonable price to pay to get hold of the functionality on offer here with the designer or photo versions which cover many features available in both Illustrator and Photoshop, plus more besides.

Affinity - Graphic Design Software

As you can see, there are a few guises of Affinity now, with the addition of the ipad version (£19.99)  (not tested yet), but it really seems like these guys are gaining momentum.  Don't just take my word for it, have a look at a fair amount of reviews for this great software that's rapidly growing in popularity here

7. Bristol Fashion Co

I couldn't rightly finish off this blog post without a nod to our favourite UK Print on Demand (POD) T-Shirt supplier, our sister company, Bristol Fashion Co.  Based, unsurprisingly in Bristol in the UK, they can take care of bulk printing on a really large range of clothing and other stuff and have a great drop-shipping print on demand service too.  They are one of Brother's largest UK DTG customers and can print photo-realistic images onto t-shirts with millions of colours and also handle more complex multi-prints and more wazzy stuff like gold, silver and neon prints too.

Bristol Fashion t-shirt drop-shipping and print on demand

T-Shirt Drop-shipping is very well catered for in the US, but there are not many reputable UK companies out there that can handle it.  The best thing with Bristol Fashion Co is that you can always speak to a real person, go and see them, discuss things and tailor make the bespoke solution that best fits your needs.  They have a team of experienced, skilled t-shirt designers in house too and can handle everything from concept, design ideas, website creation and marketing advice through to the entire logistics solution, taking your order files from virtually any platform (including shopify, amazon, ebay, squarespace, etsy to name just a few) - printing and shipping your items out globally and even dealing with customer service if required.  If you have any requirements, reach out to them now for a chat and you never know where it could take you!  Not just t-shirts here remember, they have access to many thousands of different lines across hundreds of brands, whatever you need, they should be able to find a solution.  Last time I spoke to the manager, Calvyn, they have never had a POD client leave them to go elsewhere and I think that speaks volumes in itself.

So there we go.  Hopefully I've introduced you to something interesting if you've made it this far!  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Do you love any of the sites I've listed above?  Or can you suggest any others that perhaps should have made it on the list?  As always, I always love to hear from you with any questions or comments...

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